Wheelchair Taxi Melbourne?

Wheelchair Taxi Melbourne

How to get a Wheelchair Taxi in Melbourne?

Need a wheelchair taxi? Hire the best wheelchair accessible taxi service in Melbourne.

For some people living with disabilities and trying to live independently can be frustrating and difficult when they require a wheelchair taxi in Melbourne. They frequently experience frustration when calling for one as they are told that there are none available. Sometimes they can be fortunate to get a wheelchair accessible taxi, but more often than not, they need to call a few wheelchair taxi services before one becomes available. It can also be particularly difficult to get one on a weekend.

Whether you need to go to work, go shopping or meet up with friends, the daily challenge of getting a wheelchair taxi should not be a challenge. Taxi Maxi, one of the leading taxi services in Melbourne, has made a conscious effort to ensure they have plenty of wheelchair accessible taxi vehicles available.

Below are some of the reasons why Taxi Maxi is the preferred wheelchair accessible taxi service in Melbourne-

The Government Recognized Wheelchair Accessible Taxi (WAT)

All drivers associated with Taxi Maxi have completed their WAT module as prescribed by the Melbourne Taxi Administration. Taxi Maxi encourages its drivers to demonstrate their learning and knowledge on wheelchair assisted passengers on day to day basis.

Priority Bookings

As per WAT guidelines, Taxi Maxi ensures that a taxi for wheelchair users are given priority bookings over taxi requests for any other reason.

Understanding Disabilities

Taxi Maxi works with its drivers and staff to teach them on understanding different types of disabilities. A passenger using a wheelchair might have:

Understanding different types of disabilities help the drivers understand different needs and help in providing better taxi service to disabled individuals.

Communication with a Disabled Passenger

Taxi Maxi works with their drivers in showing respect to all its passengers, even if they require any form of special assistance or not. The drivers are educated and patient in dealing with wheelchair assisted passengers. Our drivers’ communication skills have been highly regarded by our clients and have made us one of the highly sought after wheelchair taxi services in Melbourne.

Efficient Drivers

Apart from the usual Taxi Maxi services, drivers work diligently to provide comfort to physically challenged passengers. Some of the extra efforts put in are:

Taxi Maxi goes

the extra mile in providing comfort to their passengers. Whether it is maintaining an adequate temperature inside the taxi, avoiding bumpy and heavy traffic routes or to avoid sudden braking to not cause discomfort to wheelchair-bound passengers, the company ensures that their passengers always enjoy the journey with them.

Taxi Maxi Driver Services

Smartphones have made it easier to book Taxi Maxi services online. So, if you need a wheelchair taxi service, just mention that while booking and Taxi Maxi will take care of the rest. Taxi Maxi has big vans that can accommodate 3-5 people more along with a wheelchair assisted passenger. This becomes ideal if you need to travel as a group and one of the members requires wheelchair assistance.

Melbourne Taxi Maxi

Apart from day to day commute, Taxi Maxi also can provide a taxi for wheelchair users for travelling to the countryside or a weekend getaway. The wheelchair-accessible taxis are equipped with all the necessities for travelling with a wheelchair assisted person on a long route for hours without discomfort. Our wheelchair taxi is ideal for family outings, so one can travel on a road trip with family without causing trouble for anyone.

Taxi Maxi drivers have had special training and undergo various programs to provide the utmost comfort and care to wheelchair-bound passengers. Their driving skills have provided assurance to everyone – whether normal or especially needed, that travelling by Taxi Maxi is quick, easy and comfortable.

Maxi Taxi

Taxi Maxi is one of the leading disabled taxi service providers in Melbourne for the past many years. With efficient drivers, affordable tariffs, modern cars with the latest equipment & gadgets, Taxi Maxi has not only become the go-to taxi for wheelchair users but for everyone in Melbourne. Their efforts in making the journey comfortable for wheelchair assisted passengers haven’t gone unnoticed. No wonder they are the 1st choice of any passengers who require wheelchair assistance while travelling.

If you are disabled or wheelchair-bound and need to book a taxi service for your commute, give Taxi Maxi a call today at 0404 355 933 and get ready to be impressed.