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Benefits of Business Account with Taxi Maxi Melbourne

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Big Van – Commuting from one area to another in Melbourne is necessary, unavoidable and can be painstaking at times. Whether you are visiting different offices for your company, need an airport taxi or meeting clients for prospective deals, there are numerous times in the week when you have to travel for business reasons. Having a reliable taxi service in Melbourne on hand to take you and your employees to different parts of Melbourne can really make things easy, affordable and stress-free. The drivers can navigate through heavy traffic allowing you to focus on your work and not worry about the cars on road.

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Below are the benefits of having a business account with Taxi Maxi in Melbourne:

Affordable option and Discounted Rates

First and foremost, having a business account with Taxi Maxi allows you to take advantage of discounted rates. It is the most economical and affordable means of transportation which helps in saving more money as compared to hiring a taxi on a random basis. Whether your employees need to go to and from the airport the taxi service is a convenient form of transportation and all services are billed to your company account.

Priority caller Privileges

Usually, Taxi Maxi cabs are provided throughout the day on a first call or first served basis. When an employer needs to rush to attend an important meeting or airport, they may be left waiting longer than is convenient. Having a business account with Taxi Maxi helps you in getting a taxi as first priority caller every time. The services are fast for you and your employees whenever you place an order for a taxi.

Travelling in the group with Big Van

When travelling in a group or with luggage to the airport, Taxi Maxi has multiple options for your convenience. Our maxi van or big van are a great option for this situation.

Round the Clock Service

Taxi Maxi provides round the clock taxi services in Melbourne which means 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Whether you need a maxi van, big van or a regular taxi, one will be provided no matter what time you require the taxi service.

Drivers are professional for Big Van

Taxi Maxi follows a standard set of procedures for hiring only experience and licensed drivers. We conduct the background check which helps enhance the safety of your employees and clients. The drivers are professional and know all the routes within the city. They are familiar with the traffic patterns as well. This will help in delivering high value to your employees and clients.

Options for luxury chauffeur driven vehicles

Taxi Maxi has a wide variety of luxury sedans and luxury big van options. If you are escorting an Executive or CEO around hiring one of the chauffeured luxury vehicles is a great option to impress.

A dedicated business account with Maxi Taxi is quite advantageous to you and your employees. You can customize the services as per your needs and requirements. Whether you have a meeting, going to the airport, a client visit or an ordinary day in office, a business account with Taxi Maxi can save you time, money and provide a comfortable trip. With the wide range of vehicle options from sedans, maxi van, luxury vehicles to big van options we have you covered for all your needs. Contact us on 0404 355 933 to open a business account for your company today.

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