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Hire People Mover Melbourne

Hire People Mover Melbourne

Group Travel & Airport Transfers made easy with a Van hire with Taxi Maxi

Hire People Mover or Hire people mover in Melbourne, the more the merrier. This statement holds true in the case of family holidays. While some people enjoy travelling alone backpacking around the mountains. There is no better way to enjoy your holiday with your family and friends.

Travelling with many people together can be a hassle. The biggest problem is to get a people mover hire which cannot only accommodate so many people but even luggage and bags. The people mover hire should be big and comfortable enough to survive a long journey and not make you tired by the end of the trip. It should also have special facilities for elderly people as well as kids so that all members- from youngest to oldest enjoy the trip.

If you are looking to hire people mover in Melbourne, look no further. Taxi Maxi is one of the leading people mover hire services in Melbourne, serving people for over a decade. They have a long list of satisfied customers, making them the most preferred van hire services in Melbourne. Taxi Maxi is known for its service and assurance and repaying the customer’s faith with their unique transport solution.

It’s just not a road trip where you might need to hire people mover to travel along with family & friends. Even if you are travelling to and from either Melbourne airport, you might need a people mover to accommodate your family & luggage.

People mover Melbourne has everything from 12 seater big van hire, 8 seater car hire to regular sedan in Melbourne. If you are looking for a smaller car, then hire an 8 seater car in Melbourne. With so many fleets of vehicles available, Taxi Maxi is the most sought after cab service in Melbourne.

Reasons to hire Taxi Maxi people mover for Group Travel in Melbourne:-

No Fun without Family or Friends

Whether you need a people mover to hire for traveling to Melbourne airport together for holidays a weekend outing or a day-long trip to Great Ocean Road, no road-trip can be thoroughly enjoyed until done with family and friends.

With their 12 seater big van hire and cars, Taxi Maxi can accommodate up to 12 people in one instance, making sure life’s best moments are captured in the company of people you love. No wonder why people mover rentals are hired so often.


With over 12 years of experience in this industry, Taxi Maxi has been delivering consistent results and exceeding customer expectations over long period of time.

A Huge Fleet of Vehicles

Taxi Maxi has a wide range of vehicles available – for carrying a couple to a large family together. The huge number of vehicles enables the company to provide services round the clock, 7 days a week. Whether it’s a weekend outing or travelling in the city for the whole day, Taxi Maxi will always have a van hire or cab available to meet customer’s demand.

Comfortable Vehicles

Hire people mover in Melbourne that have large leg spaces and a high roof, making the journey comfortable for passengers, whether its long distance or nearby places. People movers have enough space to hold luggage, large bags, and other bulky gear.

It would have been impossible for all family members to travel together if not for a people mover hire. These vans can also be equipped with wheelchairs, to ensure safe and comfortable travelling for elderly and physically challenged passengers.


Taxi Maxi put extra efforts in ensuring the cleanliness of all their vehicles. They have been appreciated by the passengers for the neatness of vehicles and how comfortable it makes them feel.

Formally Trained Efficient Drivers

All drivers employed by Taxi Maxi are professional, experienced and formally trained. They have valid license to drive in and around Melbourne. The drivers are courteous, well-mannered and helpful. They are aware of all the shortcuts and accurate routes throughout the city.

The drivers are quite acquainted with different airport terminals and experienced with the appropriate airport pick-up and drop-off process and ensure you are dropped off at the correct terminals, to catch your flight on time.

Get Mental-Race

Quite often you have to travel with your family throughout the city for shopping, eating, entertainment or for all these things. These types of excursions can take your whole day up.

Hire an 8-seater car in Melbourne to finish all your work and spend time with family without worrying about driving in the heavy traffic of the city. Not only you will have a wonderful time, but you will save yourself mental exhaustion which could have occurred due to driving all day.

When you hire people mover it can also save you time and money as you would have your day planned rather than aimlessly travelling throughout the city finding parking.


Taxi Maxi Cab services are a government approved service. The fares quoted are as prearranged by the administration. They provide detail billing to the passenger as per company policy of total transparency. Special discounts are provided if cabs are booked for a weekend outing. Rates are quite affordable when a van hire is booked to accommodate the whole family for the excursion.

Cabs for Sporting Events

Melbourne is the home to some of the biggest sporting events in the country. Whether it is the Australian Open, Cricket, Footie or Rugby, there is always a live sporting event happening in Melbourne throughout the year. Watching these sporting events with family and friends can be a memorable experience.

Taxi Maxi Melbourne can provide a 12-seater big van to hire in Melbourne for such events so that you and your loved ones can travel together and enjoy your favorite sports without worrying about city traffic and parking.

Countryside Tours

Taxi Maxi have special tour packages for Melbourne City and countryside Victoria for domestic as well as for international tourists. These packages are specially designed for family and group travellers. The tour provides you with a people mover hire so you can all travel together and have the opportunity to spend quality time with your love while enjoying the natural beauty of the country.

Taxi Maxi’s people mover rentals is not only popular among the older generation but among millennials as well. Millennials find it easy to travel along with their friends for shopping, dinner or a late-night party.

The efficient and courteous drivers ensure that the travellers are safely dropped at their destination, even if it’s quite late at night. Taxi Maxi van & cab hire service ensures the safety and security of its passengers is given utmost importance.

The company understands the importance of time and is also aware that people want to spend the least of their time commuting. That’s why they make a conscious effort of being at your doorstep at the requested time so that you are never late for a meeting or an event. With the option of advance booking, Taxi Maxi offers you the opportunity of hiring their service even at odd hours.

With consistent performance for over a decade, Taxi Maxi has become a name to reckon with in the cab service industry. They are often regarded as the industry gold standard as they are market leaders in customer satisfaction, punctuality, special services, and affordability.

They go the extra mile to ensure that every passenger that has taken their cab service, will always book a Taxi Maxi cab only in future. So if you are needing to hire people mover for the day, a people mover hire for Melbourne Airport, 8 seater car hire or just a simple sedan,

contact Taxi Maxi at 0404 355 933 to book a van hire in Melbourne today.

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