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Why Taxi Maxi is your go-to conveyance in Melbourne?

Melbourne Airports

Melbourne Airports Getting affordable rides to and from the airport can get quite troublesome. If you are in a busy city like Melbourne, you can trust maxi taxis to make your travelling easier from and of the Melbourne airports. Taxi Maxi offers some of the most convenient and safe cab rides across the city. Driven by professional chauffeurs, Taxi Maxi ensures that you a comfortable ride to and from the airport.

Maxi taxis can be easily booked on-the-go, or prior to your journey via online booking. Maxi cabs are useful for travelling through the city and also provide you with the option of planning outbound journeys. You have the choice of selecting the type of car you like, from minivans to luxurious sedans. You can also book a maxi cab according to the number of people travelling with you.

Taxi Maxi offers the following features for their maxi cabs,

  1. The maxi cabs are always spick and span. The drivers keep the seats clean by all means to provide a comfortable experience for their customers.
  2. The rates are charged according to the distance per hour. Government charges are applicable, making Taxi Maxi a convenient option for your travelling needs.
  3. The chauffeurs are trained with a formal approach, making them suitable guides for your journey. They are acquainted with all the roads in the city, and can also suggest the best places to visit if you are just visiting Melbourne.
  4. Maxi cabs are safe to travel in at midnight, especially for women, They are also highly suitable for airport transfers in Melbourne, be it for you or your family. Airport transfers for luggages can also take place easily via a maxi cab.
  5. Booking your maxi taxi in advance offers a 98% confirmation, providing you with a well-rated chauffeur arriving at your doorstep within the required time.
  6. The maxi taxis are also equipped with a wheelchair facility for physically disabled individuals. The chauffeurs aid you in getting in with ease, and also help you put your luggage in if necessary.
  7. The cabs are smoke-free in and around the city.

You can receive the quote for a maxi taxi as you book it immediately or book in advance. Maxi taxis do not charge a penny more than the quote mentioned, making them an affordable option for long-distance travelling. Taxi Maxi also provides special inbound tours for individuals arriving from the airport throughout Melbourne and Victoria. The sightseeing tour starts as you board a maxi taxi at the Melbourne airport, taking you all the way through the city till you reach your given destination. If you have arrived at the Melbourne airport to experience the city’s sporting events, maxi taxis can help you reach thereby giving you some great highlights of the city. Inbound passengers can get special deals to major sporting events across the city.

Melbourne Airports

You can book your car today to and from the airport by contacting Taxi Maxi on 0404 355 933. A feature-laden vehicle should reach your doorstep in no time guaranteeing a 100% satisfaction rate on your end.

Melbourne Airports