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Airport Transfer Services

Airport Transfer Services, From Melbourne Airport there are some ways to travel to the CBD. How fast you get to the city will depend with the mode of transportation you choose. If you want to get to your destination quickly, you’ll have to choose the taxis. Getting around time is where similarities with Melbourne taxi services end. In Melbourne, there are a number of taxi options that you can choose from. You have an option between normal taxi, maxi taxi, wagon, and some companies also give silver service.


The Maxi Taxi – Airport Transfer Services

Travelling in a group or team can really be challenging. When traveling in Melbourne, the best mode of transport you can choose is the maxi taxis. Maxi taxis are twelve sitter mode of transport in Melbourne. When you are travelling in a group of five to eleven people, the maxi taxi is most convenient mode of transport for your group. Since the vehicle is large, it can carry the group comfortably and has extra room for your luggage.

Most of the companies who give the maxi taxis guarantee on-time pick up from the airport to your destination, provided you book in advance. If you choose to make the call after you land, most companies will send you the taxi in just 15 minutes.


The Maxi Taxi in Melbourne is also called the wheelchair taxi, this is because most of them can accommodate two-wheel chairs. Making the maxi taxi the most convenient mode of transport for people who need wheelchairs to get around.

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