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Book a Maxi Taxi service for your next day trip and tour all the tourist places in Melbourne. Reliable, comfortable day trip taxi service to get you around.

There are many places that are worthy of travelling (Travel with Maxi Taxi) to in Melbourne. This is because Australia has invested a lot in developing the tourist sites. From reliable data sources, it is true that more than 60 million people visited various tourist sites in Melbourne as at the end of 2017.

When considering the tourist site to visit, it is important to check the means of transport available. This will make sure that, as a tourist, you won’t be frustrated with the surprise that there are no means available to facilitate the tour. I will explain about Maxi Taxi right away.

Some of the places that are well-known for tourism in Melbourne are the Federation Square, Birrarung Marr, Melbourne Cricket Ground, among others just but to mention a few.

Birrarung Marr is situated adjacent to Yarra River. It was used to freely broadcast the 2006 FIFA world cup. Federation square is found in near Flinders Street Station.



Most of the tourist sites in Melbourne are accessible via land as convenient means of transport. However, there are others which are accessible through sea transport. Any of those tourist sites in Melbourne is good. There is no difference, regardless of the means, you can choose to use.

In case you choose to use road transport, Maxi Taxi is there for you. Maxi Taxi is the best means of road transport that can offer you a lucrative opportunity to reach your destination. This taxi has distinct features that differentiate it from the rest of the taxi in Melbourne.

Maxi Taxi offers the best security for those on board. Moreover, passengers’ luggage is taken care of throughout the journey to any of the tourist sites in Melbourne. For the female passengers, the drivers offer an escort to their homes.

Another interesting feature of Travel Maxi Taxi is that there is a conducive environment while travelling to Melbourne tourism sites.

The normal taxi does not offer those services. The driver walks away once he has dropped the passenger even at night.

To sum it up, Travel Maxi Taxi is the best option for those who wish to travel to any tourism site in Melbourne.



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