Hire Maxi Van Melbourne

Hire Maxi Van Melbourne

Hire a Maxi Van in Melbourne

for Safe and Comfortable Taxi Service

Whether you require an airport transfer, your planning a day trip with your family or need to make it to a meeting for work, having a maxi van at your service makes for an easy and comfortable option. A chauffeur driven maxi van is a great option as it allows you to focus on more important things and you don’t have the stress of traffic and parking.
Taxi Maxi is one of the leading maxi van services in Melbourne. We provide maxi van services for all your various personal and professional needs in and around Melbourne.

Advantages of hiring Taxi Maxi Melbourne:-

Hiring a maxi van in Melbourne for a specific time period can be much cheaper then taking multiple taxi’s throughout the day. It will also save you time as your not having to waiting and search for a taxi.

Hiring a day trip taxi, whether your going on a shopping trip around Melbourne or a day trip outside Melbourne is a great option as our people mover can accommodate up to 11 people.

With the higher roof and larger leg space, a maxi van is comfortable for traveling long distances as well as nearby places. A maxi van is ideal when traveling with large bags/ suitcases, bulky equipment, boxes or anything that occupies a lot of space.

It’s important for people to reach places on time. Being late at the starting of the day might lead to the situation of running behind time throughout the day. Taxi Maxi understands the importance of being on time. Our people mover will arrive at the doorstep at the requested time and will ensure you are not late for your endeavor.

Our drivers are professional, friendly, experienced and licensed to drive people movers. Our drivers will help in loading and unloading of your luggage, bags and other belongings you need help with.

Do you require a wheelchair taxi or have other special needs? Taxi Maxi provide assistance for all special needs. Our maxi van drivers will ensure a safe and comfortable journey at affordable rates.

Taxi Maxi offers fixed rates for your convenience. This allows total transparency to the travellers so you know exactly what you are being charged and you have no surprises. The fare is inclusive of all additional charges and fees so that you don’t have to pay anything in addition.



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Taxi Maxi takes pride in being the most reliable and trustworthy maxi van service in Melbourne. We pay special attention to the comfort and safety of all our travellers and with over a decade of experience, Taxi Maxi has become the go-to maxi van service in Melbourne. So, if you are looking to hire a maxi van for the airport, a day trip taxi or a wheelchair taxi or any other need call Taxi Maxi on 0404 355 933.

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