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How Taxi Maxi Services help you?

Taxi Maxi Services

Taxi Maxi Services

Reliable and friendly, hire Taxi Maxi services for airport transfers & more. Book online or call now.

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For Taxi Maxi services, in the age of urbanization and quick results, people don’t have the patience to wait for things. Whether it’s buying the latest gadget or new clothes or going on a holiday, everyone wants things to happen at the earliest. Continue reading “How Taxi Maxi Services help you?”

Wheelchair Taxi Melbourne?

Wheelchair Taxi Melbourne

How to get a Wheelchair Taxi in Melbourne?

Need a wheelchair taxi? Hire the best wheelchair accessible taxi service in Melbourne.

For some people living with disabilities and trying to live independently can be frustrating and difficult when they require a wheelchair taxi in Melbourne. They frequently experience frustration when calling for one as they are told that there are none available. Sometimes they can be fortunate to get a wheelchair accessible taxi, but more often than not, they need to call a few wheelchair taxi services before one becomes available. It can also be particularly difficult to get one on a weekend. Continue reading “Wheelchair Taxi Melbourne?”

Hire People Mover – Group Travel Made Easy

Hire People Mover Melbourne

Hire People Mover Melbourne

Group Travel & Airport Transfers made easy with a Van hire with Taxi Maxi

Hire People Mover or Hire people mover in Melbourne, the more the merrier. This statement holds true in the case of family holidays. While some people enjoy travelling alone backpacking around the mountains. There is no better way to enjoy your holiday with your family and friends. Continue reading “Hire People Mover – Group Travel Made Easy”

Sedans, Maxi Van, Luxury & Big Van options for Hire with Taxi Maxi

Big Van

Benefits of Business Account with Taxi Maxi Melbourne

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Big Van – Commuting from one area to another in Melbourne is necessary, unavoidable and can be painstaking at times. Whether you are visiting different offices for your company, need an airport taxi or meeting clients for prospective deals, there are numerous times in the week when you have to travel for business reasons. Continue reading “Sedans, Maxi Van, Luxury & Big Van options for Hire with Taxi Maxi”

Your one-stop Reliable Airport Taxi Service in Melbourne. Call now!

Airport Taxi Service Melbourne

Airport Taxi Service Melbourne

If you are living in Melbourne, then you are aware that the journey to and from the airport can be quite hectic and stressful. Using your own car and having to pay for parking at the airport can get very costly. If traveling with a number of people and with a lot of luggage you might not fit all your luggage in a regular airport taxi and need to take more than one airport taxi. If you are disabled, finding a proper airport taxi like a wheelchair taxi service can be difficult. Continue reading “Your one-stop Reliable Airport Taxi Service in Melbourne. Call now!”

Hire Maxi Van Melbourne

Hire Maxi Van Melbourne

Hire a Maxi Van in Melbourne

for Safe and Comfortable Taxi Service

Whether you require an airport transfer, your planning a day trip with your family or need to make it to a meeting for work, having a maxi van at your service makes for an easy and comfortable option. Continue reading “Hire Maxi Van Melbourne”

Big Van Taxi

Big Van Taxi Melbourne

Need a Big Van Taxi in Melbourne?

Hire Big Van Taxi for your next group adventure

Big Van Taxi – What are your plans for the upcoming weekend? If you are living in Melbourne or have friends or family coming to visit, there are so many great nearby places to visit; Great Ocean Road, Grampian National Park, Mount Buller just to name a few. These long road trips can be great going along with a group of friends or family, but it can get tiresome and can be difficult to coordinate a trip, especially if you require multiple vehicles. Continue reading “Big Van Taxi”

Taxi Maxi

Taxi Maxi Will Get You There

Taxi Maxi Will Get You There

Whether travelling alone or with family & friends; carrying suitcases or other bulk items can be challenging at times to travel from one place to another via taxi. It is difficult to book a taxi at odd hours for airport or outstation, as they can be expensive if booked for a longer duration and sometimes they just are not punctual! Continue reading “Taxi Maxi”

Melbourne Airports & City

Melbourne airports city

Why Taxi Maxi is your go-to conveyance in Melbourne?

Melbourne Airports

Melbourne Airports Getting affordable rides to and from the airport can get quite troublesome. If you are in a busy city like Melbourne, you can trust maxi taxis to make your travelling easier from and of the Melbourne airports. Taxi Maxi offers some of the most convenient and safe cab rides across the city. Driven by professional chauffeurs, Taxi Maxi ensures that you a comfortable ride to and from the airport. Continue reading “Melbourne Airports & City”

Maxi Taxi for Your Travelling Needs

Maxi Taxi for your travelling needs

Why Choose Maxi Taxi for your travelling needs in Melbourne?

Taxi Maxi Melbourne features a number of taxi booking options (Maxi Taxi for your Travelling needs) to travel around the city. Taxi Maxi are available on-the-go or can also be easily booked prior to your travel needs. You can book a maxi taxi cab in Melbourne over the phone, or online and a car will be immediately assigned to you for your travel needs. Maxi Taxis are a popular option in Melbourne, and also providing luxurious travel options at affordable rates

Continue reading “Maxi Taxi for Your Travelling Needs”

What Can Maxi Taxi Offer You

What Can Maxi Taxi Offer You

Maxi Taxi Offer

Not many taxi or cab services in Melbourne can offer the kind of services that Maxi Taxi can offer you (Maxi Taxi offer). Whether you have to make it to multiple meetings in a day, or be taken to the airport or on a road trip, Maxi Taxi can help make the experience of a taxi-ride, extremely comfortable, relaxing and stress free for you. Here’s what we have to offer: Continue reading “What Can Maxi Taxi Offer You”

Driver Services Melbourne

Taxi Maxi Driver Services and Melbourne Chauffeur Code of Conduct

Maxi Driver ServicesTaxi Maxi Driver Services – The primary duty of a driver and a chauffeur is to transport the passenger to his/her destination in a safe, comfortable and efficient manner. We, at Taxi Maxi, ensure that both our driver services and chauffeur services are in alignment with this idea/practice.  Hire service or car service or Taxi Maxi driver services and chauffeur code of conduct includes the following…
Continue reading “Driver Services Melbourne”

Maxi Taxi Service in Melbourne: An Excursion In and Around the City

Maxi Taxi Service Around CityTaxi services (Maxi Taxi Service Around City) in major cities around the world have their histories. They take a root which transcends from the early days when commute was made possible by horse carriages, through the prime days of the automobile and what we have at hand in our modern world. Commercial taxi services are the major arteries of the contemporary city lives helping to bridge the gap between people and places. They offer services which have a range of uses for different categories of people with their everyday hustles and strives, and to some, a means of fun and merriment. Continue reading “Maxi Taxi Service in Melbourne: An Excursion In and Around the City”

Tourist Places in Melbourne Travel With Maxi Taxi

Travel Maxi TaxiTravel with Maxi Taxi

Book a Maxi Taxi service for your next day trip and tour all the tourist places in Melbourne. Reliable, comfortable day trip taxi service to get you around.

There are many places that are worthy of travelling (Travel with Maxi Taxi) to in Melbourne. This is because Australia has invested a lot in developing the tourist sites. From reliable data sources, it is true that more than 60 million people visited various tourist sites in Melbourne as at the end of 2017.

When considering the tourist site to visit, it is important to check the means of transport available. This will make sure that, as a tourist, you won’t be frustrated with the surprise that there are no means available to facilitate the tour. I will explain about Maxi Taxi right away.

Some of the places that are well-known for tourism in Melbourne are the Federation Square, Birrarung Marr, Melbourne Cricket Ground, among others just but to mention a few.

Birrarung Marr is situated adjacent to Yarra River. It was used to freely broadcast the 2006 FIFA world cup. Federation square is found in near Flinders Street Station.


Continue reading “Tourist Places in Melbourne Travel With Maxi Taxi”

Airport Transfer Services – Maxi Taxi Melbourne

Airport Transfer Services

Airport Transfer Services, From Melbourne Airport there are some ways to travel to the CBD. How fast you get to the city will depend with the mode of transportation you choose. If you want to get to your destination quickly, you’ll have to choose the taxis. Getting around time is where similarities with Melbourne taxi services end. In Melbourne, there are a number of taxi options that you can choose from. You have an option between normal taxi, maxi taxi, wagon, and some companies also give silver service.


The Maxi Taxi – Airport Transfer Services

Travelling in a group or team can really be challenging. When traveling in Melbourne, the best mode of transport you can choose is the maxi taxis. Maxi taxis are twelve sitter mode of transport in Melbourne. When you are travelling in a group of five to eleven people, the maxi taxi is most convenient mode of transport for your group. Since the vehicle is large, it can carry the group comfortably and has extra room for your luggage.

Continue reading “Airport Transfer Services – Maxi Taxi Melbourne”

Wheelchair Transport with Maxi Taxi

Wheelchair Transport Maxi Taxi

The word maxi taxi (Wheelchair Transport Maxi Taxi) may not be popular, but a Maxi Taxi is a taxi nonetheless with a riding capacity of 12 or more passengers. A Maxi Taxi is different from a normal taxi; the latter is usually a Sedan or a hatchback with a riding capacity of 3 – 4 people. Today, SUVs are used as taxis with an additional 1 or 2 more passenger seat(s).


In Melbourne, Maxi Taxis are an exceptional choice for large groups. You can consider transporting school going children for education or extra curriculum activities, work colleagues to a work function or a road trip for friends and large families in Maxi Taxis. Whether it is an airport transport, group transport, general taxi or a half or full day hire, Maxi Taxis in Melbourne offer this and more services tailored to each client.

Continue reading “Wheelchair Transport with Maxi Taxi”