Maxi Taxi for Your Travelling Needs

Maxi Taxi for your travelling needs

Why Choose Maxi Taxi for your travelling needs in Melbourne?

Taxi Maxi Melbourne features a number of taxi booking options (Maxi Taxi for your Travelling needs) to travel around the city. Taxi Maxi are available on-the-go or can also be easily booked prior to your travel needs. You can book a maxi taxi cab in Melbourne over the phone, or online and a car will be immediately assigned to you for your travel needs. Maxi Taxis are a popular option in Melbourne, and also providing luxurious travel options at affordable rates

You have the option to travel alone or book for big groups. Maxi taxis can quote by the distance per hour, making it a highly convenient option for long-distance travels. The taxis are feature-rich, equipped with AC, comfortable seating, airbags, music and an entertainment portal and more. Professional chauffeurs are allotted for every maxi taxi in Melbourne, assuring a safe travelling experience for you and your family.

Taxi Maxi has received a lot of appreciation over the years, and commit to their service to provide useful transportation solutions. They have garnered major customer satisfaction because of the following reasons:

  1. Maxi taxis have been existent for over 12 years in Melbourne

  2. They are always neat and clean making them the most suitable option for travelling.

  3. The cost of a pre-booked maxi taxi in Melbourne is cheap, with a 98% success rate.

  4. The chauffeurs provide luggage assistance to assure maximum comfort.

  5. They also provide airport pick-ups and drops. The cost of a maxi taxi for the airport in Melbourne goes hand-in-hand with the usual rates.

Maxi taxis in Melbourne cater to a great range of services, keeping in mind the comfort of their customers. Other features include:

  1. They have the largest fleet of maxi taxis in Melbourne, giving them an edge over their competitors.

  2. They cater to the needs of physically challenged individuals, being always loaded with a wheelchair at disposal in case the need arises.

  3. For the inbound travellers in Australia, they offer sightseeing across Victoria.

  4. Since Melbourne is renowned as a sporting capital, Maxi Taxi offers city transport to all of the major events held in the city.

  5. Smoke-free cabs

Taxi Maxi keeps up-to-date with the latest payment methods available today, online and offline. In case you run out of cash, you can always pay via Eftpos, Cabcharge, Paypal and other major credit cards. Maxi Taxis in Melbourne quote government rates and are quite transparent about the rates, giving the customers the choice to book their services urgently, or prior to their travel. Our friendly drivers can make multiple stops in the city, without any hassles.

You also have the option to choose from the type of vehicle provided to you, from standard vans to luxury sedans. Book a maxi taxi in Melbourne today online at Taxi Maxi or simply call 03 9943 0713. A driver will be dispatched at your given address immediately.

Maxi Taxi for your travelling needs

Maxi Taxi for your travelling needs

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