Wheelchair Transport with Maxi Taxi

Wheelchair Transport Maxi Taxi

The word maxi taxi (Wheelchair Transport Maxi Taxi) may not be popular, but a Maxi Taxi is a taxi nonetheless with a riding capacity of 12 or more passengers. A Maxi Taxi is different from a normal taxi; the latter is usually a Sedan or a hatchback with a riding capacity of 3 – 4 people. Today, SUVs are used as taxis with an additional 1 or 2 more passenger seat(s).


In Melbourne, Maxi Taxis are an exceptional choice for large groups. You can consider transporting school going children for education or extra curriculum activities, work colleagues to a work function or a road trip for friends and large families in Maxi Taxis. Whether it is an airport transport, group transport, general taxi or a half or full day hire, Maxi Taxis in Melbourne offer this and more services tailored to each client.

Innumerable wheelchair users distinctly rely on taxi services than do general taxi users. Maxi Taxis in Melbourne offers excellent wheelchair access taxis with friendly and highly trained people. These wheelchair access transports in Melbourne have seating for one wheelchair and 4 – 5 passengers, or one passenger to 11 for normal taxi users.


Wheelchair Transport Maxi Taxi (Wheelchair Transport with Maxi Taxi)


The wheelchair access transport Maxi Taxis are ideal for regular trips to school, work, therapy or doctor’s appointments, or any general excursion. Some Maxi Taxis have ramps, while others have electric lifting hoists to make sure a memorable experience for their clients. Most fasten the wheelchair to the floor of the vehicle with four safety straps and provide seatbelts for individual passengers.


Most Maxi Taxis in Melbourne are owned/operated by professionally edified drivers, with over four years’ experience. They must hold certificates of “working with children” and Level 1 First Aid training.


Melbourne Maxi Taxis have GPS mapreading systems, security surveillance, full insurance, accountability, and work protection.


Most Maxi Taxis in Melbourne have websites. You can choose what suits your needs. You can check, book online or call their offices for more information.

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